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Becoming a Lawyer

Qualifications to become a lawyer of the Subordinate Court

According to article 27 of The Bangladesh Legal Practitioner’s and Bar Council Order, 1972, a person shall be qualified to be admitted as an advocate if he fulfills the following conditions, namely:-


§      The Person must be a citizen of Bangladesh;

§       He must complete the age of twenty-one years;

§  (  i) He had obtained a degree in law from any university situated within the territory which forms part of Bangladesh; or

[Note: 4-years LL. B (Hon’s) or 2 years LL.B pass the course (must have completed before 2018 because now these 2 years pass the course is not allowed anymore) from any approved university of Bangladesh]

(ii) Any similar foreign course can be accepted with the clear permission given by the Bangladesh Bar Council; or

(iii) A bachelor’s degree in law from any university outside Bangladesh recognized by the Bar Council;

§     The applicant has to undergo pupilage for a period of 6 (six) months under a practicing Advocate of at least 10 years standing in the profession;

§       He has passed such examination as may be prescribed by the Bar Council;

§      He has paid such enrolment fee and fulfills such other conditions as may be specified in the rules made by the bar council.